Piri Reis University Has Been Admitted to International Association of Maritime Universities

Piri Reis University Has Been Admitted to International Association of Maritime Universities

Piri Reis University, which is the first and only university offering maritime specializations in Turkey, has been officially registered to The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU). Thus, Piri Reis University is the only foundation university to be made a member of IAMU in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, the rector of Piri Reis University, has written statement concerning the decision of IAMU on the membership. “We can say that Piri Reis University is a good university with adequate facilities. However, it is important that this is stated by an association which is internationally acknowledged. The membership acceptance by the association is a great boost to the morale of our university. Our university was born with the maritime spirit and will go on progressing with it. We have no doubt that we will achieve our goal of being a specialized university covering every aspect of maritime study, not only for Turkey but also for the world.

The motivation and trust of Mr. Metin Kalkavan has had a leading role in every move the University has made.  On the occasion of being registered with this membership as a Maritime university once again, I would like to express my gratitude to Turkish Maritime Education foundation (TUDEV) Board of Trustees, Piri Reis University board of Trustees, our maritime community and all of our academic and administrative personnel."

The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), which includes leading maritime universities and faculties, was founded in 1999. The union has almost 60 members on 5 continents and 33 countries. Mr. Takeshi Nakazawa is the Executive Director of IAMU which was founded to make contributions to maritime education and training in an international level.

Photo: Mr. Takeshi Nakazawa Executive Director of IAMU and Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, the Rector of Piri Reis University,

Piri Reis University: a Brand Name in Maritime Education with its Modern Simulators, Training Ship, and Pool

  • Established with the support of the Chamber of Shipping, Piri Reis University (PRU) aims to educate qualified individuals specializing in maritime, engineering and economy sectors. The university aims for the education of self-confident, participating, questioning individuals who focuses on technology and knows how to access information.
  • The university campus in Tuzla is the only campus in Turkey to be graded by BREEAM and in the process was awarded a grade ranging from very good to excellent. The campus in Tuzla is a green campus.
  • Thanks to the University-Industry cooperation, students are able to put their theoretical education into practice, and thus find jobs easily.
  • 80% of the students have partial or full scholarship. Students who have to pay are able to make a deferred payment of up to 80% of the tuition after graduation on condition that the necessary protocol is signed.
  • PRU’s faculty members who are distinguished in their fields and other young and dynamic faculty members and students have the opportunity to benefit from the EU’s ERASMUS Student and Lecturer Exchange Programs. They also participate in other international projects and education and training programs world-wide. Providing a high-quality foreign language education, PRU attracts more and more foreign students.
  • Piri Reis University offers all sorts of social opportunities for its students with its multi-purpose sports center, swimming pool, gym, hiking trails, bicycle parks, various game rooms and 19 student clubs.
  • Maritime training is carried out within the framework of international rules and programs determined by International Maritime Organization (IMO).
  • The simulator center which has 17 multipurpose simulators is one of the most modern simulator centers in Europe.
  • Semi-Olympic training pool equipped with advanced technology is unique in Turkey. In order to receive the appropriate certificates, candidate captains are provided with appropriate training in real simulated conditions by creating all kinds of negative weather and sea conditions in this specialized pool.
  • Practical training of the courses is being carried out at Pîrî Reis University Ship.


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