Underwater Technology Program, which started education in the 2020-2021 Education and Training Year at Piri Reis University Maritime Vocational School, trains professional divers with all kinds of knowledge and experience in underwater techniques that the maritime sector and other fields of industry will need.

In the Underwater Technologies Program, theoretical and applied trainings for 4 semesters in accordance with the lesson plan determined by considering the needs of the profession and the professional qualifications of the diver are given by academic staff with diver expertise and experienced in both military and civil diving.

All trainings are given in English. In order to prepare for these courses, the students admitted to this program;

By attending a one-year English program in the PRU Prep Class, you will be able to follow English lessons and they will learn at a level that they can perform their profession anywhere in the world.

A student who will graduate from this program will have the following qualifications.

Have theoretical and practical knowledge about the chemical, physical and biological properties of fresh and salt waters, which are the diving environments.

Have the ability to comprehend diving systems and to use these systems underwater.

Have and apply the maritime and shipping knowledge required by the profession.

Have theoretical knowledge about diving accidents, diseases and their treatments, and can use pressure chambers used in the treatment of diving accidents and diseases.

Have the ability to use all kinds of tools and equipment, including underwater welding, and have theoretical knowledge about explosives.

Can use underwater imaging devices and interpret the images obtained by using computer technology.

Have the ability to work in underwater constructions, aquaculture cage systems, underwater archaeological excavations, pipelines and under ships.

He can find solutions to unforeseen problems encountered underwater and take responsibility.

In line with the acquired knowledge and skills, he can comprehend, apply and follow technology in new techniques and practices related to the profession.

He / she can convey his / her thoughts and problems about professional knowledge and practices in written and oral form, and use a foreign language (English) effectively in his / her professional field and daily life.

He can be a diving supervisor using diving techniques and safety knowledge.

Have professional legislation and ethical awareness.



Our students who will graduate from the program will have the opportunity to be employed in the following jobs that are lacking in industry today and to earn high wages.

Industrial Diving Underwater search and rescue work

Laying and inspection of submarine pipes and communication lines

Maintenance and repair of sea discharge lines

Underwater shipwreck removal operations

Ship rescue, underwater maintenance and repair

Installation of off-shore natural gas production platforms in place at sea

Oil platform construction and maintenance

Buoy maintenance, repair and construction

Pressure chamber operator

Fish farming care

Thematic aquarium care

Geo-technical survey (ground exploration/drilling) in deep waters

Underwater research

Developing diving projects and establishing and managing diving organizations

Underwater photography and video shooting

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