Head:  Mücahit ALTINBAŞ       mü

Aims :  To engage in social, cultural and sporting activities, to ensure that our common heritage is visible to the public, and to organize activities to promote and encourage participation in daily entertainment, activities and organizations.

Club Activities:

  1. to organize maritime organizations and trips to related issues
  2. to make the history of our country and the history of civilizations interesting in terms of students; for this reason, to organize visits to museums and historical places
  3. to organize youth camps to protect natural life
  4. to organize city events for students who are new to our university and activities for these students to meet our current students
  5. to organize trips to national and international fairs
  6. to provide participants with extracurricular activities in order to help them spend their leisure time effectively
  7. to develop feelings such as awareness, responsibility, self-reliance and team spirit by fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of club members
  8. to provide international participation to the club and share common framework, at the same time develop feelings of trust and friendship, with foreign participants

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