The Rector of Piri Reis University, Prof. Dr. Oral Erdogan in Japan

The rector of Piri Reis University (PRU), Prof. Dr. Oral Erdogan, his predecessor rector Prof. Dr. Osman Kamil Sag and the academician Seigo Hashimato were in Japan for an official visit to establish academic contact on November 21-24, 2016.
Prof. Dr. Erdogan and his delegation firstly made a visit to International Association of Maritime University (IAMU). The delegation from PRU was welcomed by the executive director of IAMU, Takeshi Nakazawa. The rector of Piri Reis University, Prof. Dr. Erol Erdogan presented a plaque to Takeshi Nakazawa following the exchange of ideas.
After the visit to IAMU, they paid a visit to the respective Directorate General of Maritime of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Maritime. They were welcomed by the Director of Maritime Affairs Mr. Lchiro HAO.
They made a visit to the Japanese sail training ship, Nippon Maru. Captain Tomoki Oku welcomed the rector of PRU Prof. Dr. Oral Erdogan.
They then held a talk with the director of general affairs of Japan Agency Maritime Training, Akihito Kumon.
On the second day, the rectorate of Tokyo University Maritime Science and Technology was visited. The president of Tokyo University, Dr Toshio Takeuchi and the rector of PRU Prof Dr Oral Erdogan exchanged ideas. 
Later on, the Deanship of the Maritime Faculty at Tokyo University of Maritime Science and Technology was visited. The delegation of PRU was welcomed by the dean Tatsuro Tsukamoto. During the visit, Dr. Tadashi Tokai and Dr. Yoshiaki Kunieda accompanied the delegation.   
Evaluating the visits to different institutions and organizations for two days, Prof. Dr. Erdogan said; ‘I believe that the visits we have paid as the representatives of Piri Reis University will reflect well on both our university and our country in the near future’. Prof. Dr Erdogan expressed that as the delegation of PRU, they have had exchanges with regards to the maritime industry and training and added. ‘Piri Reis University took steps in collaboration in varied fields of the maritime industry in Japan as we give great importance to internationalization.'  
12 Şubat 2016 Cuma
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