Piri Reis University with the aim to contribute to maritime education obtained the ownership of a ship, with the same name of the University, which has sailed to open seas on Monday, 11th July 2016, at 11.00 am for the purposes of providing training and apprenticeship activities.

The University Ship Project was realized as a solution to practical education problems, as it solves the problem of maritime students having to find a company for their compulsory apprenticeship. The University that has overcome a problem, only last year, of finding a Training Ship, which is a world-wide problem, now, accepts not only its own students but also students from 9 Universities in Turkey and 5 Universities from other countries.

Training and apprenticeship will be provided to around 190 students. The students of the Piri Reis University Ship boarded the ship on the 10th of July and on the 11th of July the Ship raised its anchor and departed from the Zeyport port in Zeytinburnu. From here the Ship began its journey to visit its first port at Gölçük. During the 2 month period apart from the ship’s crew, 25 academic staff will accompany the students. İbrahim SÜSLÜ a graduate of TUDEV (The Turkish Maritime Educational Foundation) and a founding member of the University has undertaken the position as Captain of the Ship.

Established in 2008, the Piri Reis University has moved to its modern and environmentally friendly establishment on the coast of Tuzla in İstanbul. With the understanding 'to provide and to specialize in all fields of maritime education', the University has been enriched with the investments of modern labs, simulators, training pool and an apprenticeship, training ship.

The Ankara Ship bought by the University in 1986, commenced its cruises within the Turkish Maritime Enterprises, Maritime Lines. For many years sailed especially in the Mediterranean. In 2004 within the privatization process the Ankara Ship was bought by the Denizciler Ltd. and sailed within a similar framework. During this period, with the leadership of the Chamber of Shipping, our University has participated, with the Ankara Ship being our flagged ship, at the most famous maritime fair in the world, the Posedonia fair, which consisted of participants such as politicians, bureaucrats and business men representing our country. With the financial assistance of the Chamber of Shipping and DATI Holding, the University obtained the ownership of the ship with its new name, the PIRI REIS SHIP.

Most of the general maintenance of the Piri Reis Ship has been completed at the Çelik Tekne shipyard. At the same time, to provide the best training opportunities, additional fittings and classroom facilities have been made possible at the 127.59m height, 10.870 displacement tonnage and 18.5 knot speed and maximum 564 passenger capacity ship. In addition to training and apprenticeship opportunities, organizing a wide-range of academic activities such as conferences, seminars and the like are catered for.

This year the Piri Reis University Ship commenced its second open sea training cruise with 190 students. The Ship will visit the Marmara, Aegean and the Mediterranean sea ports (Gölcük, Bandırma, Geyikli, İzmir, Marmaris, Antalya, Finike, Çeşme, Çanakkale) the first month and the Black sea ports (Köstence/Odesa, Samsun, Batum, Rize, Trabzon, Sinop, Amasra, Ereğli) the second month. The training cruise will take two months.

Aday Öğrenciler Bize Sorun