The Department of Marine Engineering

Bologna Program Information

Marine Engineering is a department of Maritime Faculty located on Istanbul-Tuzla region. The students are enrolled according to the results of the Turkish Higher Education Board Selection Exam. After an education of one year of English Language Preparatory school and four years of undergraduate education, the successful students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering.

Academic education consists from eight semesters. Basic sciences as physics, calculus, chemistry and technical drawing in first semesters, then, electrical, mechanical, heat, control-automation engineering and vocational specific courses are given in next semesters. Education fully complies with STCW 2010 and carried out in uniform.

The main aim of the program is to prepare the students for marine engineer officer posts in merchant marine ships. Students prospering in license exam prepared by Seafarers Exam Center complies with Seafarers Regulation, deserve to have Marine Engineer Certificate. They can have job in Turkish or foreign flagged ships as Marine Engineer (3rd Engineer). Then, depending on the sea experience duration determined by administration they have 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer certificates by exam. They can also work in many industries as shipping, energy and engine manufacturers as technical and maintenance expert.

Head of Department of Marine Engineering

Aday Öğrenciler Bize Sorun
Sanal Tur