Our main objective is to serve in a way that befits the quality and good name of our university.

We are responsible for:

• Accepting and registering students

• Preparing and announcing the curriculum and the exam schedule

• Issuing student ID cards

• Scholarships and daily student affairs

• Checking students’ process of adding and dropping courses on the dates specified in the academic calendar

• Preparing and announcing class and exam lists

• Preserving and announcing exam papers and transcripts

• Obtaining transportation cards issued by IETT and distributing them to students

• Supporting and assisting male students’ registration procedures for military service

• Issuing transcripts, diplomas, and other paperwork after graduation

• Providing support needed for all the departments and academic programs of the university in compliance with their duties

• Paperwork and other office jobs requested by faculties and schools in compliance with the job definition

In addition, the Student Affairs Office helps students enjoy a peaceful and successful college life on and off campus, and provides them access to counselling services. The Student Affairs Office voluntarily supports students with their guidance in their private lives and become a part of their family. The Student Affairs Office functions as a bridge among the students, their families, and the university.


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