Head :

The club’ s aim is to carry out studies to develop Piri Reis University students’ young leadership potential in terms of quality and quantity, study to make them more competent, raise awareness of the students on their topic and work on a network study.

As PiriSAL, privately in Piri Reis University and generally among all the student communities all around Turkey;

  • It will be a club which has leadership features, being well known at university and in business life through a wide network, being an authority and prestigious in its area. 
  • Through their projects, the social network and leadership club bring students and prominent leaders in the sector together.
  • The members of the club will follow wide network projects, even take part in them.
  • Actively involved in it, the members will turn theoretical information into practice in their academic and work life.
  • They will be able to follow their peers who are successful leaders, developing as individuals who take part in this competition.
  • Even when they graduate, they will always be in touch as they are in the same network among Piri Reis University students privately and in all Turkey and the world’s students generally.
  • Learning to be able to act collectively which is our aim in big network organizations, they will improve their ability to be able to be a leader in the community. 
  • Thanks to our wide network, working with other students’ clubs, students and instructors we will reach a wide audience. 
  • Speaking and diction training will be provided to the students who have leadership and large vision. A graduation ceremony will be organized and on behalf of our school, certificates will be given. 
  • To achieve the goals which are stated above, the club may organize trips, meetings, seminars, scientific studies, competitions, exhibitions, and broadcasts in a variety of ways.