Heads: Beliz Ayşe YÜKSEL

             Cihat AĞCABAŞOĞLU



  1. Introducing ship and maritime technologies.
  2. Ensuring the union and development of knowledge and experience gained on the professional level by bringing the people and organizations that give an importance to the maritime sectors closer.
  3. Organizing national and international social, cultural, academic and technological activities.

Club activities:

  1. Organizing symposiums, interviews, training seminars, conferences, fairs and excursions related to shipbuilding, ship and marine technology and participating in existing events.
  2. Providing information to the sectors and students at the same time with the developing technology in the world.
  3. Encouraging a participation in national and international workshops related to development.
  4. Organizing activities to introduce the departments in Piri Reis University.
  5. Keeping in touch with graduate students and inform club members in order to make them be aware of the problems that may occur in the professional field and to increase their professional experience.
  6. Strengthening academic and sectoral relations.
  7. Organizing water and underwater activities in order to increase awareness of protecting the maritime environment.
  8. Contacting with other clubs both inside and outside the school.