Seminar/Nanotechnology Enabling Innovations Towards Sustainability

Pîrî Reis University

Faculty of Science & Literature Seminar

Nanotechnology Enabling Innovations Towards Sustainability

April12, 2016 /11:00
Conference Hall
Postane Mahallesi, Eflatun
Sk. No:8, 34940 Tuzla/İSTANBUL

Nanotechnology Enabling Innovations Towards Sustainability

Lerwen LIU ( Managing Director of NanoGlobe Pte Ltd., Faculty of Science, Yale-NUS College, Founding Secretary of Asia Nano Forum)

Nanotechnology is transforming manufacturing industries worldwide enabling lighter, stronger, and multifunctional materials/products with less pollution and greener processes. Asian industries are adopting nanotechnology in making components and products today (just take a look at your smartphone!). Consumer’s demand of multi-functionality and greener & cheaper products drives the adoption of nanotechnology in Asian manufacturing industries and emerging industries. This also drives the growth of nanotech start-ups in Asia and elsewhere. Nanotech enables innovation in architecture (OLED, new structural materials), transportation (e.g. fast charging battery and lighter EV), energy (efficient and flexible solar cell) and medicine (early stage detection of cancer and targeted drug delivery). This talk will highlight how nanotechnology (from design, materials to manufacturing) is making your smart phone smarter & greener and how nanotech will transform the way we live (from smart windows, electric cars, energy to medicine) towards sustainability. I will also present how nanotech enabled innovation will transform business and geopolitics.


Lerwen LIU is one of the most connected persons in the field of nanotechnology specializing in nanotechnology business development and education. Since 1999 she has been actively building nanotechnology networks with government agencies, R & D institutions and industries around the world, promoting nanotechnology policy, innovation, commercialization and international collaboration, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Together with a number of nanotechnology leaders in Asia, she co-founded Asia Nano Forum (, a nanotechnology society linking 15 Asia Pacific economies) and has been serving as its Secretary since 2004 fostering collaborations among ANF members in nanotech policy, R&D and education.

Dr Liu is passionately promoting sustainability. She created in 2014 an innovative interdisciplinary module at National University of Singapore titled “Nanotechnology for Everyone –From Smartphone, Innovation, to Entrepreneurship” with a unique focus on developing transversal skills for undergraduate students including innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership towards sustainability. She has recently (Nov. 2015) completed another module at the Yale-NUS College (a liberal arts college in Singapore National University) on Nanotechnology & Sustainability with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship training for undergraduate liberal arts students.

Dr Liu has been an invited speaker and organizer in numerous international conferences, workshops and roundtables focusing on nanotechnology commercialization. Together with her team, she educates EMBA participants on nanotechnology innovation and its impact on industry competitiveness and economic transformation.

She is an evaluation panel member for the Proof-of Concept (POC) grant scheme of the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Technology Innovation Fund of Ministry of Education of Singapore. She has been recognized by the World Islamic Forum and Islamic Development Bank as well as United Nation organizations as a key expert in nanotechnology and to whom they seek advice for strategic development in future innovation policy and sustainable development.

Dr Liu has a PhD in physics specializing in many-body effects and transports in semiconductor nanostructures, and has conducted research work in Australia, Italy, Japan, Singapore and USA. Dr Liu is an Australian citizen and currently based in Singapore.

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