Head :  Kaan GUNAL

Aim of the club is to make sailing popular for the youth and generate a sense of solidarity among those who do this sport. In the pursuit of this aim, the following are carried out;

  1. To introduce sailing and make it popular, conferences and seminars are organized.
  2. Publications are prepared in order to achieve the club’s aims and speed up information communication.
  3. With the approval of ÖKKK, education is given by expert people to introduce and teach sailing.
  4. By organizing sailing workshops, the club will contribute to the development of sailing skills of the students/members.
  5. Organizing panels, conferences and exchange of information with the clubs of the universities both inside and outside İstanbul, organizing meetings and carrying out social/cultural activities.
  6. With the approval of ÖKKK, trips and classes on the education of sailing are organized.