Dear Piri Reis Family,

Besides being at the center of social development and directing the future, universities are educational institutions that produce information for the welfare and happiness of humanity, transform it with technology, and present it to society. Therefore, universities are the most important components of science, technology, and social development. Getting the place we deserve in the globally competitive environment can only be sustained by qualified education, open and effective communication, academic studies at universal standards, and with dynamic and flexible management.

As Piri Reis University, with the vision to become the leader in the development of our country's maritime education and technologies and to be one of the most respected universities in the world, we aim to raise individuals who have 21st century competencies, who can manage the change and produce innovations, and contribute to the transformation of our society in the light of knowledge. In this sense, we will play an active role in the development of maritime technologies and in bringing the trained manpower into the industry, which is the most important factor in transforming our maritime sector in accordance with the traditions of the age.

We will establish the necessary ecosystem in terms of education, R&D activities and community service at all levels required by the maritime industry. Our university is named after the world-famous naval scholar Piri Reis and improving its international recognition and prestige will be one of our primary goals. We will build the PRU brand by waving the Piri Reis University flag in every field of the maritime industry.

My Dear Students,

As your Rector, I do not want you to be students who only attend the courses, I want you to be versatile individuals who are able to think, do scientific research, produce and develop projects, and also to have interests in arts and sports.

Then and now, I expect you to be responsible individuals who will serve our country and nation by questioning, researching and enlightening surroundings, and to accept science as a guide by taking the words of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk "Science Is The Only True Guide In Life” as the basis.

I hope that our university, where you will spend five years including the preparatory education and step into adulthood, will bring you happiness, new friends, good memories, and will offer a qualified, social and cultural life with strong life goals.

With my most sincere regards,

Prof. Dr. Nafiz ARICA

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