Dear Youth,

Universities are the centre of science, advancement and technology. The education institutions which cannot meet the requirements of the current age do not create a change as well, they do not perceive the need for change. Piri Reis University pushes the limits of knowledge with the principles of global awareness and with its strong prominent academic staff and students. It not only perceives the need for change, but also moves fast in the direction of being a world brand by creating the change itself.

Piri Reis University was founded with the intention of educating and training qualified staff for the Turkish and the World Maritime sector. We are aiming at educating individuals who have high confidence and full technological knowledge, who are eager to participate, who know how to access information and question everything as well as specializing in every maritime field and developing scientific studies.

Our students have world integrated, international educational opportunities by means of the ERASMUS partnerships we have with important European universities. We have received students from foreign countries and have sent our students abroad for the past seven years.

Being one of the leading institutions in the field of maritime not only in Türkiye but also in the world, is our primary goal. Piri Reis University has been the centre of innovations and differences in maritime education since its establishment. We have installed advanced technology simulators so as to offer higher quality in education, we currently have 17 multipurpose simulation centres. Our students learn how to navigate a ship competently in these injury-free and controlled centers. Our training pool equipped with advanced technology is unique to Türkiye We can instantly create all kinds of unfavorable weather and sea conditions in our pool with the help of a remote control.

Today, we have student trainees and graduates on duty in several parts of the world. We have put the Ankara Ship back into service for our students following renovations and renewals. Every year, about 200 of our students do their two-month training on the Piri Reis University ship. The ship visits many ports in the Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions.

We educate competent and qualified engineers through student-centered and project-based education programs, implemented by the Engineering Faculty. Our students have already started working for prominent companies. We provide our students with the education necessary for our times, thanks to the computer-aided design laboratories we have in our school, where advanced technology engineering software is used. Our students can turn their theoretical education into practice and find a job easily with the help of the efficient university- industry cooperation we are currently experiencing.

The faculty of economics and administrative sciences in our university has a very strong and renowned academic staff. We can say that we have brought very important renowned professionals from the finance sector to our university. We aim at bringing our students together with the business world by making educational agreements with reputable institutions. Apart from having mainly finance and commerce departments, the “Management Information Systems” department has been established this year, due to the information and communication sector being the pioneer of rapid change and transformation in the world today. We intend to educate individuals who can improve and utilize their technical and strategic thinking skills easily in the business world with this program.

We provide 80% of our students with various rates of scholarships. Besides, we provide convenience for our students who cannot get scholarships through the “Deferred Tuition Payment System” that was developed by our university. In this system, if the student has paid a tuition fee, then we offer the opportunity of paying up to 80% of the full tuition fee back in installments within 4 to 5 years, at a reasonable rate. We provide job guarantees for our students. When our students graduate their jobs will be ready.

While high school students are considering their field of education, they shouldn’t forget to ask themselves “how will I live while I am studying?” Our university offers you a healthy, secure, and a qualified student life with the environment-friendly green campus that has a Breeam accreditation certificate, unique in İstanbul and Türkiye. Breeam, which first came into effect in 1990 in England, and later adopted by other developed countries, is a certification process for environment-friendly buildings.

Universities are not only places where we receive good education, but they are also model institutions which provide a good life and places where we perform social, cultural, and sportive activities. Dear young people, we really desire you to live your finest age well. With this in mind, we make an effort to provide you with every opportunity. We offer every kind of social facilities, such as a multipurpose sports center, swimming pool, gymnastics hall, walking and cycling tracks, various game rooms, and more than 10 student clubs. We are proud of our students’ professional sports successes gained in our country and abroad.

We say “The future is here!” and we invite you to an environmentally friendly campus, to acquire scientific knowledge, and to shape your future, together with us, here at Piri Reis University.

With Respect and Regards,
Prof. Dr. Oral ERDOĞAN

Acting Rector

Aday Öğrenciler Bize Sorun
Sanal Tur