PRU Training Pool

The Training Pool is designed for training cadets on survival at sea techniques as well as recovery survivors from water. It also has adequate capacity for basic SCUBA diving training and regular swimming purposes. We have a simulation system remotely controlled by ipad. We can simulate;

  • Wave
  • Fog
  • Lightning
  • Day or night conditions
  • And other sounds

Practical STCW training subjects made in the training pool:

  • Abandoning ship procedures
  • Abandoning ship by liferaft
  • Abandoning ship by jumping into water
  • Swimming techniques after jumping into water
  • Boarding a liferaft from ship or water
  • Handling of liferaft under oar
  • Righting an inverted liferaft
  • Equipment of liferafts

The dimensions of the pool:

Length is 25 meters

Width is 13 meters

Depth is shallow side 2.2 deep side 5 meters.

The platform height is 4.5 meters.

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