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ISO Special Category Environmental Award

Piri Reis University Marine Campus was awarded the ISO Special Category Environment Award

Turkey's greener products of the well-established industry organization, the project with less energy and raw materials production that provides and the works in the topic of "sustainability and environmental management", which competed on the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) have found their owners in 2018 Environment Awards.

In the traditional ISO Environment Awards, hosted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Erdal Bahçıvan and with the participation of Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum; Large-scale Environment and Sustainability Management, Large-scale Business Environment-Friendly Application Project, Jury Special Award, SME Environment-Friendly Application Project, Special Category- Institution / Organization, Special Category - Academician awards were given.

Piri Reis University Marine Campus was awarded the ISO Special Category Environmental Award.

PRU Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Ömer Belik and PRU Secretary General Rıdvan Kartal took the prize on behalf of Piri Reis University (PRU) from ISO Board of Directors Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan and ITU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca.

Rector of Piri Reis University Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan made a statement by saying: “We are pleased to confirm this issue with this special award which is considered appropriate by ISO as a University which attaches great importance to environmental sustainability. In such a period in which great changes in climate conditions and major disasters are expected, we attach more importance to the environment. At a maritime-themed university, we try to instill environmental awareness to our students on campus before they going to the sea. I wish that our work on this issue will be considered in all segments of the society and I would like to thank ISO for this great organization.”

Erdal Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISO, said in his speech at the award ceremony that the main purpose of giving awards was to consolidate and develop the social awareness on environment as a stakeholder of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Bahçıvan believes that this awareness should be disseminated together with each passing day.

Noting that environmental problems in the world and Turkey get more serious with each passing day, Bahçıvan said that the inevitable migration with industrialization has also brought some problems although industrialization and urbanization have positive characteristics. He said that rapid population growth is one of the main problems that Istanbul has experienced.

Piri Reis University Marine Campus, which won the ISO Special Category Environment Award, also has the distinction of being the first and only certified BREEAM campus in Turkey.

Piri Reis University has begun to provide education services to the students with international accreditation by offering Turkey's first and only environmentally friendly Green Campus since 2013.

It can be said as the main features of this campus, setting up a system that will make natural resources reusable; using of solar energy as energy use; the optimal delivery of some lighting using solar power panels; designing of landscaping so as to have minimum water demand; the using of highly recyclable material during construction; using of trigeneration power plant as innovation; heating of the diesel generator with the waste heat, which minimizes the natural gas/air pollution to be provided by the trigeneration system; providing absorption cooling and by using seawater source heat pump for high energy efficiency on campus, the sewage water is purified and used for environmental irrigation. We can also count the design of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide; sulfur dioxide emissions are kept at the lowest level.

Piri Reis University Green Campus was opened in November 2013 with an indoor training volume of 60,000 m2 on 30 acres of land on the Coast of Marmara Sea in Tuzla.

Piri Reis Üniversitesi Deniz Kampüsüne İSO Özel Kategori Çevre Ödülü Verildi.

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