Students who would like to spend one or two semesters of their study periods at a partner university abroad can apply for Erasmus Student Mobility programmes though the Erasmus Office at PRU.

Eligible students must be registered as full-time student at PRU and must have a GPA above 2.2. Those applicants who have attended one of the mobility programmes before can also apply, but please note that 10 points will be reduced from the overall GPA/Language exam/etc.score. Freshmen are not allowed to apply.

If  the education at the host university is not in English, applicants must provide a proof that she/he has proficient language skills to follow-up the courses. The proof maybe:

  • To be graduate from a school that teaches in the language in question
  • Certificate of proficiency for the language in question.
  • The application documents must be filled correctly and submitted to the PRU Erasmus Office.
  • Application form

Finansal Taahhüt Belgesi (Financial Commitment Document) Staj Hareketliliği Başvuru Formu (Work Placement Application Form) Öğrenim Hareketliliği Başvuru Formu (Exchange Study Application Form)

• English proficiency document from Prep School
• Transcript
The selection criteria depends on academic success level (50%) and language level (50%).
Nominated students will be granted during their study abroad, but transportation, health insurance, visa fees should be paid by the student.
Students also can participate in Erasmus activities who disclaim financial support.


Please make sure that you have completed the following steps

1.Preparation of the Learning Agreement and course list
You must determine which courses you want to attend at the host university with the help of your faculty's Erasmus Coordinator. Maximum credits to be taken is 30 ECTS. After the approval of the Learning Agreement by the host university, you are supposed to prepare 3 copies to be signed-one for the student, one for the home university and one for the host university.

2.Letter of Acceptance/Invitation
A letter of acceptance/invititation will be sent to the PRU Erasmus Office from the host university. Your acceptance will be considered officially with this letter.

3.Euro Account
You must open a EURO bank account in your own name from İŞBANKASI. Account information must be declared to Erasmus Office. Your grant will be deposited to this account.

4.Free Passport
Learn what information you need and which documents will be submitted to County Police Department for the application of free passport. Apply for the official petititon to the PRU Student Affairs Office. Do not forget that this is your responsibility.

Learn what information you need and which documents will be submitted to the local consulate of the host university. Visa procedures are all in student's responsibility. Keep your invitation/acceptance letter, student document, and, if needed, the petititon to the consulate which you can take from the PRU Student Affairs Office.

6.Health Insurance
The health insurance to be submitted to the consulate for student mobility is different from the one which is for the travelling. It should have the expression “Student Healt Insurance” or “For Educational Purposes”, offer chance to ambulatory treatment and cover the entire process of mobility. Health insurance procedure is all in student’s responsibility. You can check from the internet if the host country has agreement with SGK.
7.OLS (Online Linguistic Support)
Before and after the mobility you are supposed to take the OLS examination. The aim of this examination is to test the contribution of the mobility to your linguistic development. Make sure that you cannot start your mobility unless you complete the examination. For more information about OLC please follow the link:
8.Submission of travel documents
You must submit copies of your flight ticket, passport, visa and Euro account information to the Erasmus+ Office.


After you fully complete your Erasmus+  Mobility
-Certificate of Attendance signed by the host university,
-The original transcript,
-Copy of your passport,
-Boarding Pass
must be submitted to Erasmus+ Office.
In order to get your remaining 20% of the grant, you must fill in the EU Survey which will be sent to your personal e-mails by the Erasmus+ Office.

Please find the mobility grant amounts which are allocated in 2020/21 academic year.

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