Our Economics and Finance Department Received Qualification Accepted by the CFA Institute.

Our Department of Economics and Finance has been accepted for qualification by the CFA Institute, one of the most respected and prestigious certifications for financial professionals, which gives the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) license.

Currently, 691 universities from 76 countries in the world have been accepted to the program by meeting the minimum requirements required by the CFA. There are 13 Universities in Turkey that have gained this important privilege. The strength of Piri Reis University's curriculum, with a career plan parallel to the financial markets, provides its students with world-class competence in fields such as investment and finance, and proves that its students are competent to benefit from CFA scholarship opportunities.

Three of our students will be able to benefit from the scholarship opportunity provided by CFA, and thanks to our curriculum created at high standards, they will be able to easily take the first step towards an internationally valid CFA license. Consisting of 3 stages, the CFA license is an international certificate, and it is an internationally accepted license that has the effect of accelerating high income and upper career steps in positions such as investment analyst, portfolio manager, and finance specialist. At the same time, this certificate is accepted by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), which regulates the capital markets in Turkey.

Currently, there are more than 178,000 people holding CFA licenses in the world, and they work for the leading 25 thousand companies in the world.

The requirement to be accepted as a “CFA Affiliated University” requires at least 70% of the relevant department’s curriculum to be compatible with the topics covered by the CFA-Level 1 exam determined by the CFA, and to comply with the investment ethics principles. When our students participate in this program, they will have access to sample exams with the resources provided by the CFA.


9 Ağustos 2021 Pazartesi
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