Next term President of BIMCO is Dr. Şadan Kaptanoğlu

BIMCO, the highest council of the world maritime sector for the last 112 years, now has for the very first time a woman and also as a first a Turk as the President.


At the Ordinary General Assembly of BIMCO, the umbrella organization of the maritime sector, has elected the member of board of trustees at Piri Reis University, Dr. Şadan Kaptanoğlu as the next term president.

Dr. Kaptanoğlu, elected as the president of the Baltic and International Maritime Council known as BIMCO, is also the Chairman of the Board of (TURMEPA), Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association.

The Ordinary General Assembly of BIMCO, the umbrella organization of the maritime sector, and also the representative of the third of all the world’s biggest and the most effective maritime companies, was held in Rome yesterday.

At the General Assembly Anatassios Papagianopoulus was elected as the new President and Dr. Şadan Kaptanoğlu was elected as the next term President. Kaptanoğlu will be the Chairman of the Board of BIMCO in June 2019. Dr. Şadan Kaptanoğlu in saying that BIMCO is an important and a leader organization for the world’s and Turkey’s maritime community, has noted:

‘From now on for 6 years I will be representing the world shipowners as BIMCO’s  next president, then the chairman of the board, and lastly as the former president. I am experiencing the honor and the excitement of being the first woman and the first Turkish President of this century old giant organization. We all know the difficulties women experience in the workforce. I also had to work much harder than men throughout my career. Nevertheless, I have recieved great support from my stakeholders both from my country and also from the maritime community. I am a lucky person. We have a lot to do, we have lots of loads to carry in the world oceans with Turkish ships.

Our aim will be to take our acquired fame of success gained in many matters in the economic field even further with the reforms we will undertake for the development of our seafaring, with the support of our government’s constructive politics, and the cooperative work of the private sector, the public, the universities and the non-government organizations. Kaptanoğlu, also extended her gratitude to the former BIMCO Vice President Eşref Cerrahoğlu and the international seafarers.

Kaptanoğlu was elected as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board in 2011, and in 2013 she became the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, she is also currently engaged in the management of Turkish maritime leader organizations.

Kaptanoğlu, involved in many areas of maritime, is also a member of the Board of Directors of IMEAK, Chamber of Shipping, and the member of the Board of Trustees at Piri Reis University, and  currently running the presidency of the Turkish Committees of the Lloyd’s Register and Rina.

In 2016, elected as the President of TURMEPA’s Board of Directors, Kaptanoğlu is at the same time the Vice President of the international Marine Environment Protection Association INTERMEPA, which TURMEPA is also a member of.


  • BIMCO, was established, 16 February 1905 in Copenhagen under the name of the Baltic and the White Sea Conference. The name of the Council has later changed to the Baltic and International Maritime Council.
  • The membership has increased from 12 countries, under 500 members in the 1920s, to 73 countries in the 1960s. Today the Council has over 2100 members, amongst them are shipowners, brokers, agents, vessel operators, protection and indemnity clubs, top organizations, banks and insurance companies, from 123 countries. In addition it has ties with 51 national and international organizations.
  • The council represented 32% of the trade fleet with 93 million DWT in the 1960s, today it represents 65% of the trade fleet around the world with 550 million DWT.
  • Turkey became a member of BIMCO in 1962 and today more than 84 organizations are a member from Turkey.
  • Up until now the Council has had 43 presidents.


BIMCO, an umbrella organization in the maritime sector, owning a large percentage of up to 90 percent of the world trade has been leading and determining the development of the sector for the shipowners world wide for 112 years. BIMCO has determined the world martitime trade rules by over 300 agreements, and is also improving and updating these agreements. BIMCO in order for the maritime industry to reach higher levels around the world, initially prepares the infrastructure for a trouble-free trade between countries, reduces the risks involved with this trade, and tries to prevent dangers.

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