Stakeholders’ Conference of the MINE-EMI  (Maritime Innovative Network Of Education For Emerging Maritime Issues) Project

Project MINE-EMI is focused on the elaboration of a Joint Master Program (JMP) that facilitates developing skills and competences to raise awareness on emerging maritime issues in order to promote sustainable management of the maritime sector. The Project also aims to facilitate the circulation of both teachers and students among the partner schools with the intention of contributing to the solution to the problems arising from these issues. Another purpose of the Project is to increase the cooperation in the area of education and training among higher education institutions and the industry  with an eye to increase the efficieny of the education and training in accordance with the needs of the maritime industry. Thus, the establishment of a Board of Maritime Education and Training Institutions to contribute to the institutionalisation and expansion of the practices of Blue Growth and Integrated Maritime Policies, sustainable maritime economics and modern and efficient education and training is proposed in the long run.

In line with this, a multinational stakeholders’ conference was held on 23-24 January 2020. The conference which was hosted by the Piri Reis University started with the opening speech by  the rector, Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan and the keynote  speech by Mr. Cem Erdem, Deputy Director of Maritime, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. In the conference,  presentations about the issues related to the cooperation in maritime as well as those on the problems that need to be solved  and those on the developments affecting  maritime were made  by the representatives from partner countries.

The conference was attended by not only  the representatives from the partner countries and institutions, which are Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Conference of Peripheral  Maritime Regions, CPMR (France) but also academicians from Turkish universities.

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