The Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering

Bologna Program Information

The Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering is within the Maritime Faculty Campus at Tuzla-Istanbul where students have been educated since 2009.

The students are enrolled according to the results of the Turkish Higher Education Board Selection Exam. After an education of one year of English Language Preparatory school and four years of undergraduate education, the successful students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering.

The main aim of the program is to prepare the students for deck officer posts in merchant marine ships. After fulfilling the requirements as set by international regulations, the graduates will be able to serve as seagoing offices that can sail in all seas of the world. Additionally, they have the opportunity to be employed in various sea related jobs such as brokering, ship chandelling, marine insurance, maritime recruiting and port/terminal/marina management.

The program is for eight semesters, where the sixth semester is planned as an on the job training on merchant marine ships. The students receive a general science education in their first year at the faculty, taking courses in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing and Computer, followed by a sequence of courses in Navigation, Ship Handling, Cargo Operations and Maritime Management.

The program is in concordance with the requirements of STCW 2010 convention. The students are required to wear uniforms during their education. The medium of instruction is English.

Head of Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering

Aday Öğrenciler Bize Sorun
Sanal Tur