Maritime History Research Centre

Pîrî Reis University, named after the famous Turkish admiral and scientist Pîrî Reis, is dedicated to serve maritime industry. Besides training seafarers, engineers, managers, and specialists of the industry, Pîrî Reis University aims to research Turkish maritime history and pass the knowledge of this field on to future generations. Within the scope of this aim the First International Eurasian Maritime History Congress was held in Istanbul between 5 and 8 November 2012 with the theme of Turkish Maritime History. Academicians and researchers from 21 countries attended the congress and 101 papers were presented. During the congress, the International Association of Maritime Studies (IAMS) was established with the participants and it was unanimously accepted that the presidency and general secretariat activities of the established association would be carried out by Pîrî Reis University.

Just after the First International Eurasian Maritime History Congress, declaration of 2013 as the Pîrî Reis Year by UNESCO due to the 500th Anniversary of the Pîrî Reis World Map dated 1513, Pîrî Reis University participated in the activities organized both in Turkey and abroad. As these activities suggested, a maritime history research centre had to be established within the University in order to foster and enhance research activities on Turkish maritime history. For this purpose, Maritime History Research Centre was founded in 2013 and since then the centre has been actively involved in academic events at national and international level.


The aims of the centre are:

  • Researching Turkish maritime history and protecting it by passing it on to future generations,
  • To carry out studies that emphasize global character and the importance of the Black Sea, Turkish Straits, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean and support Turkish maritime history studies,
  • To guide the studies of the International Association of Maritime Studies, which was established on 22 November 2012 with the participants during the First International Eurasian Maritime History Congress,
  • To introduce Turkish maritime history to the world in the best way possible, with the name of the famous Turkish Admiral Pîrî Reis,
  • To support undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in the field; organizing national and international programmes, studies, providing consultancy services and leading publications in Turkish maritime history.


Board of Directors

Dr. Funda SONGUR, Acting Director

Prof. Dr. Seigo HASHIMOTO, Member of the Board of Directors

Asst. Prof. Dr. Aydın ŞIHMANTEPE, Member of the Board of Directors

Asst. Prof. Dr. N. Murat KORAY, Member of the Board of Directors


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