Piri Reis University Maritime Higher Vocational School offers associated
degrees in the below programs:


Students who have successfully passed the YÖK’s ÖSYM (Higher Education Council- University Selection and Placement) exam and are found to be eligible to follow Maritime Higher Vocational School Programs (except the Programmes of Shipbuilding, Maritime Brokerage, Logistics, Catering Services and Computer Programming ) will additionally be asked to be interviewed and also requested to provide a medical fitness report indicating that, as an individual his/her physical conditions are adequate to be an eligible seafarer. No eligible ones are to be placed to a lower profile / choice of his/her preference list of entrance by ÖSYS.

Prior to the main programs, a preparatory English language education/ training is provided for a period of a year. Educational Language for the Marine Cookery program is English at the level of 100 percent. Educational language of the other programs is English at the level of 30 percent.  Successful students at the end of the fourth semester are honored with Associated Degree. Except the preparatory class, the students of programs that train seafarer wear uniforms during their education process.

In addition to asssociated degree qualification, students of Piri Reis University Maritime Higher Vocational School are graduated as;
“Watchkeeping Officer” from Maritime Transportation and Management Programme,
“Engineer Officer” from Maritime Ingineering Programme,
“Restricted Watchkeeping Officer from Maritime and Port Management Programme,
“Yachtmaster(500-2999 GT)” from Yacht Operation and Management Programme,
“Electro-Technical Officer” from Mechatronics Programme,
“Ship Construction Technician” from Ship Construction Programme,
“Ship and Cargo Broker” from Maritime Brokerage Programme,
“Logistics Specialist” from Logistics Programme,
“Computer Programmer” from Computer Programming Programme,
“Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Staff” from Marine Cookery Program.

Piri Reis University Maritime Higher Vocational School offers internationally recognized training and certification that provide domestically and internationally job opportunities to its students. Within the principles of ÖSYM DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam), students who are graduated from the Piri Reis University Maritime Higher Vocational will be able to make vertical transfer to appropriate four-year degree programs at the faculties of our university and other universities. The programs have been arranged to meet the needs of vertical transmission.

The Programs of Maritime Higher Vocational School (MVHS) meet the requirements of IMO and are all monitored and supervised by YÖK the (Higher Education Council) and the Ministry of Transportation Communications and Maritime Affairs.

E-Mail: denizcilikmyo@pirireis.edu.tr

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