Head : Tuğberk EFE

Aims :

To develop the maritime culture on every level in the university, spread the maritime customs and traditions, develop love and interest in maritime affairs, carry out the operations mentioned below in order to make our university well-known in national and international levels:

  1. To contribute to the establishment of maritime ethics, make the students who are dressed in uniform to love the uniform, and to develop maritime habits with practical activities.
  2. To make the university students more interested in rowing, sailing and diving activities and accordingly provide human resources to the clubs operating in these activities, and work coordinately with other clubs.
  3. To organize activities to gather the maritime companies, civil society organizations, the experienced people in the business with the university students, to organize career days, and to arrange technical trips.
  4. To inform the students by following the maritime business and publishing documents such as photographs, magazines, and articles.
  5. To collaborate on the theme of maritime with theatre or cinema clubs. 

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