Bologna Program Information

“Cookery Programme” within the department of “Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services” is located in Tuzla-Istanbul campus.

              As mentioned in the guidance of OSYM, students who studied at Vocational and Technical Secondary Institutions Degree programmes can get through Vocational Schools without examination. On the basis of modulation without examination, students are taken by the Student Selection and Placement Exam with YGS-5 score. Following the 2 years, students get Diploma of “Marine Cookery Associate Degree” from PRU Maritime Vocational School. Students are required to wear chef uniform during the courses of kitchen practice. Educational language of this program is English at the level of 100 percent.

               Cookery program –the first of its kind in Turkey- aims to qualify experts who can prepare refined and sophisticated foods with advance sense of taste and smell and business plan for the kitchen department of ships and yachts predominantly. By graduating from this program, students will be able to work for particularly ships and yachts, which nowadays suffers from not having qualified workforce in this field, with the “ Seaman” certificate as well as enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and schools which have food&beverage deparments. In Turkey, Piri Reis University Cookery Program is the only program, which awards “Seaman” certificate for the students who would like to take STCW courses.

             Academic education consists of four semesters. Taking the essential courses in Gastronomy, tourism and food and beverage management, students are instructed by subjects such as Patisserie and Chocolatier, Science of beverage and Oenology, Food Photography, Turkish and World cuisines, Vocational English and French. Fulfilling the program requirements, students are awarded by “Associate Degree of Marine Cookery”

The objectives of the program are to provide the students with necessary knowledge and skills in order to enable them to manage the culinary departments of ships and yachts mostly. Courses of “Marine Cookery” are prepared as theoretical and practical, aimed to prepare the candidates to work in the international and local field with demonstrations of classical and creative cooking techniques. The two year programme aims to educate the candidates on every aspect of the art of cooking - from the basic aspects to the most advanced ones.

Employment Opportunities

Students who have graduated from “Marine Cookery” will have a wide range of employment opportunities. Apart from the jobs that the other cookery associate degree programs of universities offer; additionally, they will be able to find jobs on mega yachts and cruise liners.


Graduates may find jobs in kitchen or management departments of hotels and restaurants, in research and development (R&D) of food businesses, in institutes of culinary education and visual-print publishing companies

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