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Logistics, a sector which has continuously rising importance is regarded as the proficiency of both today and the future. Human resource of this sector has to be knowledgeable people and should use professional English effectively. The students who are interested in this important sector and want to have a lucrative job after getting two-year associate’s degree in Vocational School may prefer PRU DMYO Logistics programme.
Programme target, in which %30 of the lectures (proficiency lectures) are given in English,  is to gain qualified and equipped logistics specialists directly to the market or to give them chance to be successful managers after graduating from a faculty by passing Vertical Transfer Examination. Besides, our aim is to educate logistics specialists at operator level who add value and provide uninterrupted flow of products and services in global world ; who have basic level of management and administration information in the field of logistics; who can communicate in English; who can carry out logistics operations such as transportation, warehousing and inventory management efficiently and fruitfully by using the latest information and communications technologies; who meet the needs of trained manpower of the institutions providing and receiving logistics service.

Graduates of the Logistics Programme will have the chance to be employed by the logistics and transportation companies, firms specialized in export and import; companies which provide logistics consultancy services, freight forwarding companies and firms dealing with distribution, storage and customs services.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Funda SONGUR

Aday Öğrenciler Bize Sorun
Sanal Tur