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In today’s conjuncture where globalization is a dominating aspect, logistics and transportation is gaining major importance and progressing at a fast pace. In this context we can define logistics and transportation as a field that basically covers the issues related with the flow and storage of resource and materials. Its coverage also encompasses to a larger extent the planning and implementation of the flow of stocks, final products and “services and information” related to these products starting from the production site until reaching the consumption point while also conducting these operations according to the needs of consumers. Therefore logistics and transportation plays a critical role amongst other functions of a company and shows that aspiring students that are going to be working in this field will be highly sought with each year.

Our Graduates

– Specialize in supply chain management,
– Understand the planning, application, control and the optimal processing of materials, services and information flow,
– Show interest in technological advancements and recent developments in logistics and transportation,
– Be in the capacity to grasp fundamental economic and management concepts together with necessary sectoral information regarding logistics and transportation.

What are the possible career paths?

– Logistics and Transportation companies which are increasing in number in recent years
– Companies specialized in exporting and importing
– International trade departments of national/multi-national firms
– Firms which provide logistic consultancy services
– Sectors related with distribution, storage and customs services


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