Head: Ayhan KUŞÇU-


1. To carry out the activities stated below in order to understand, interpret, and introduce Kemalist thought and to bring it into force by contributing to its actualization.

a. To organize meetings, seminars, and symposiums among students in order to learn, teach, and evaluate Atatürk’s principals and reforms within current conditions by getting into the core of them

b. To expand awareness of the reality of Atatürk through a wall newspaper including Atatürk’s proverbs and reference sections from his life and similar works

c. To carry out the activities during the commemoration week including the 10th of November

d. To invite national and international academicians who are experts on Atatürk to commemoration days and to make sure that students understand Atatürk truly from experts

e. To keep Atatürk’s inclusionary national conscience alive.

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