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IEEES 2023 – International Exergy Energy And Environmental Symposium

Ağustos 23, 2023

It is our great pleasure to make an open invitation for the 14th International Exergy, Energy, and Environment Symposium (IEEES-14) scheduled for December 24-27, 2023 at Piri Reis University, Tuzla, Istanbul/ Türkiye.
Benefits to the author:
• International attendance certificates will be given for the symposium.
• Proceeding Book (ISSN) of Symposium (IEEES-14)
• Publication in special issues of some SCI journals.
• Opportunities to meet highly respected keynote speakers.
• Opportunity to meet the unique beauties of Istanbul.

You can find the details on our website. IEEES 2023 – IEEES – 14