Green Campus

World maritime education gives utmost importance to issues such as environment and marine pollution in accordance with international rules such as MARPOL / SOLAS. These rules are taught theoretically from the book at our maritime faculties at this stage. From 2013 offering Piri Reis University, Turkey's first and only service the environmentally sensitive Green Campus has begun to provide students with the training yaşatarak international accreditation.


The main features of this campus are the establishment of a system that will make natural resources reusable; use of solar energy as energy use; optimum lighting by using solar electric panels; design of landscaping in a way that requires minimum water; use of very special recyclable material during construction; The use of a tri-generation power plant as an innovation; heating with the waste heat of the diesel generator, where the natural gas / air pollution to be minimized by the tri-generation system, providing absorption cooling and heating / cooling using a heat pump from sea water, the waste water is treated and used in environmental irrigation. we can count. Although the initial investment cost will increase by 10-15% in this campus, which includes a design in which carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide emissions are kept at the lowest level, an order to meet the investment will be established within 3-4 years.

Piri Reis University Green Campus was put into service in Tuzla, on 30 decares of land on the Marmara Sea coast, with a closed training volume of approximately 60,000 m2 in November 2013.

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