Final Declaration of the Conference “Siege of Malta and Martyrdom of Turgut Reis”

On April 26 2017, a conference whose main subject was “Siege of Malta and Martyrdom of Turgut Reis” was held by our university’s Maritime History, Practice and Research Center. Prof. Dr. İdris Bostan made a short speech in the conference while Admiral (retired) Metin ATAÇ who is a member of the board of trustees of Piri Reis University delivered an extensive speech. Admiral (r) Metin ATAÇ gave a significant speech on the underlying reasons of the Siege of Malta, its importance in Turkish and World history and the after-effects of the siege. Moreover, Mr. Ataç gave important information about the martyrdom of Turgut Reis, who was a Turkish seaman that served in the Ottoman Navy and is regarded as the conqueror of Tripoli.
Many guests, along with the consul general of the Republic of Malta Franklin Aquilina, were present in the conference. Mr Aquilina gave a short speech to show his gratitude. 
Conference was ended with further explanations and views in the Q&A part of the conference.  
Acting Director of Maritime History, Practice and Research Center, Nazif Özdağdevien, has stated that the conference fulfilled its goal and it was very beneficial for the students and the audience. 



4 Mayıs 2017 Perşembe
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