Female Cadets Meet

At The Pîrî Reis University


The first Learning/Teaching/Training Activity within the framework of MENTORESS (Maritime Education Network to Orient and Retain Women for Efficient Seagoing Services)Project took place with the participation of female cadets from the project partner maritime schools, which are in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

MENTORESS Project is accepted by the Turkish National Agency under the scope of Erasmus+ program,  Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships. The purpose of the project is to create a syllabus and charter of good practices which will provide recognized academic knowledge, skills and attitudes to further enrich and broaden the competences of both female and male seafarers. It also aims facilitate learning, employability and mobility for the women in the maritime industry.


The female cadets from partner schools,  "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy in Romania, Akademıa Marynarkı Wojennej in Poland and "Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov" Naval Academy in Bulgaria, came together with Turkish female and male cadets from Piri Reis University and got classes on diversity management between October 8-12, 2018.  


The training took place on the campus of the Piri Reis University and the courses on the Importance of Diversity Management in Maritimeand How to Cope with the Problems to Be Encountered in the Absense of an Effective Diversity Management Policywere given by the academics of the university. 


Participants also got training on Stress Management Techniques, the Importance of Self-Confidence and Communication and the Scope of Gender Mainstreaming and Sexual Harassment.In addition, they learned what to do in case of encountering related events.


The cadets, who had a chance for sightseeing in Istanbul, stated they were impressed by the Turkish hospitality and the beauties of the city.


At the end of the training, the students were given certificate of attendance by Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, Rector of the Piri Reis University.


Increasing the effectiveness and percentage of female cadets in maritime, determining  the problems they are likely to encounter and taking precautions to prevent them have been the issues on which IMO places a great emphasis. The leading and exemplary studies of Piri Reis University on the issue have been followed by not only the female mariners but also the entire world of maritime.


17 Ekim 2018 Çarşamba
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