Faculty of Law

As Turkey's first and only specialized maritime university - Piri Reis University, we plan to specialize in the field of ‘Maritime Law’ especially with the basic legal education in the Faculty of Law. With great relevance and interests of our country about maritime and considering that Turkey’s best-equipped and competent maritime academic staff, our main objectives are to give special importance to national and international maritime law and to train lawyers specialized in maritime public and private law.

With the academic staff of leading academicians in the field of legal education, we aim to provide high quality and high-level education to our students in all areas of public and private law. After this training, our students will be able to take part in national and international level, have a modern and creative thinking structure and reasoning power, and they will be environmentally conscious lawyers with strong social qualities.

Piri Reis University

The Cabinet decree no.2017/1130 for the approval of the foundation of Piri Reis University Law Faculty came into effect ... details

1 Mart 2018 Perşembe

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