There are five departments at the moment

Every department provides staff, syllabuses, and research opportunities for presenting the most effective way of all theoretical and practical knowledge set necessary for their related fields. The basic motive for the students is to have the chance to think systematically and create an enjoying learning environment. The syllabus, too, is designed to comply with the same purpose; enabling the students to think analytically and to observe the consequences of their acquired knowledge practices that has been obtained through the methods of their relevant discipline.

After graduation, the students will be equipped with the qualifications to meet the requirements of their sectors as well as with academic integrity directed by ethical values. The programs of our faculty provide a rich fundamental content in the fields of management, economics, finance, and international trade along with maritime issues. By this, upon graduation, it is our ultimate goal to ensure that our students will have a sound theoretical basis along with powerful quantitative methods. They will become the future decision makers that will raise the quality standards of economic and business lives by fueling up their potentials and they will be able to grasp both the theoretical and practical dimensions of their prospective fields. Another purpose of our faculty is to train and educate the students as the new global managers who will move forward the current competitive position of their future corporations.

Due to existing and coming mutual agreements between successful international brands in education, our students will be able to have a globally integrated education. In this regard, the students will have a solid background that will lead them to be accepted to graduate programs even while they’re studying at undergraduate levels.


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