About Faculty of Arts and Sciences

In order to make Turkish economy and the maritime sector more competitive in the global arena, Basic sciences and R&D are indispensable elements. Based on this understanding the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded in 2008 and consists of Basic Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and Social Science units. The ultimate goals of our faculty are to train individuals who will enrich the Basic science and innovation elements, which are very important for our country and the maritime sector, and will bring diversity; and to develop scientific projects. Under this goal, Faculty of Arts and Sciences make contributions to other departments especially for the most of the courses in the first year program and plays an important role in the education of qualified and well equipped students for the vocational courses.
In the structure of our faculty “Marine Technologies Research and Development Laboratory” and “Computational Materials Science Laboratory”, where the staff in the field of basic sciences continues their scientific activities, are located. Scientific research projects which are funded by TUBITAK are also carried out. Our faculty members publish the results of their scientific research in in the respected international scientific journals.

Dean' s Message

We are very proud to be among the major universities also goes by the name of Piri Reis University with dignity and careful training addition to being one of the few universities that have the University's differences in Turkey.

As Faculty of Arts and Sciences, our duty is to support the characteristics of our university with our quality basic education, enrich our university and therefore transport the Turkish maritime to the place it deserves in the international arena.

Our Aim

As the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Piri Reis University, our aim is to give the necessary basic education by applying new educational programs,to provide our students be able to get stronger and place in marine areas with rapidly advancing technology and the development of Turkish maritime sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to train individuals considering scientific, learning to learn, inquisitive, hardworking, good use of time, responsibility and professional ethics awareness developed who enrich basic science and innovation element which is very important for the maritime sector and our country,and to train individuals who will bring diversity and also develop scientific projects.

Our Mission

By organizing various scientific activities, to provide group works are self-renewal capabilities of developers and project-based in maritime applications are particularly accordance with the mission of our university to win entrepreneur is aware of the importance of expertise in basic science, inquisitive students who follow developments in technology. Faculty, encourages students to participate in international mobility programs to continue excellence in education and training to world quality standards and aims students take part in the global maritime world.

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