Erasmus Days 2020 Announcement

         Erasmus Days 2020 Announcement



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As you know, the Erasmus + Program, the Union Program of the European Union in the fields of education, youth and sports, has been carried out by our Agency since 2004 in our country. In this context, Erasmus Days (#ERASMUSDAYS) events have been organized in October with the participation of our country since 2018 in order to increase the recognition of the Erasmus + Program and the visibility of the projects for this program and to encourage potential beneficiaries to benefit from Erasmus +; various visibility, dissemination and information activities carried out. In this context, it is expected that Erasmus + projects and beneficiary stories will become more visible, and Erasmus + beneficiaries from all walks of life will share the results and stories of their projects locally.

The Erasmus Days are planned to be celebrated this year on 15-16-17 October 2020, with activities organized by beneficiary institutions across Europe. It is predicted that the events can be carried out physically or virtually due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In this context, it is considered that higher education institutions, which constitute the important beneficiary mass of the Erasmus + Program, will play an important role in the promotion of the Erasmus + Program by participating in the activities they plan physically or virtually, and their participation in the 2020 Erasmus Days and activities via social media. Detailed information and examples of events are available at , and planned events must be registered at, the common platform where campaign participants from all over Europe enter. In addition, for any questions, you can reach the address  iletiş by e-mail .

In addition, our Agency plans to create a concert recording of the performances of our beneficiaries to be published on 15-16-17 October. In this context, you are expected to submit video recordings of solo or choral, amateur or professional performances in which your staff and students sang Turkish melodies accompanied by an instrument, from the conservatory, music, etc. departments, if available within your university. The announcement regarding the concert in question can be accessed at .

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