Role play activity

Beta 17 class simulated real life situations giving the students a creative opportunity to improve their self-confidence and speaking skill.



English Language Teaching Workshop

We were happy to note that an English Language Teaching Workshop supported by Oxford University Press/Turkey was held under the auspices of Dr. Turgut Turunç,


Cambridge Learning Management System Workshop for Students and Lecturers

Ahmet Sofuoğlu from Cambridge Gordion Academy informed prep student and English lecturers about the Cambridge Learning Management System and its registration process.



Orientation Programme

Head of the  programme, Prof. Dr. Iryna Semeniuk Zümrütdal, Vice Heads Petek Cırıkcı Yavuz and Önder Duygun, together with our orientation team, composed of lecturers Begum Kut, Tahir Berkay, Mustafa Camcı and Ali Kaan Gözükara, welcomed our new English lecturers to the Piri Reis prep team. The orientation week began with the new lecturers being presented with their new “lecturers’ handbooks” setting out the rules and general procedures of the program.  This was followed by more specific information regarding the functioning of the department and the materials to be used at different levels. As a conclusion to the orientation, the new lecturers themselves were asked for feedback regarding the orientation week. The new colleagues were unanimous in finding the most useful part of the orientation was the mentoring that their new colleagues had given them.



To commemorate May 19th, Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day on its 100th anniversary, Piri Reis

University Preparatory Department organized a poster and video presentation and essay writing competition. The winners received plaques, certificates, and Mustafa Kemal's“Nutuk”.



2019-2020 Academic year Beta level Listening and speaking lesson

Here are the photos of a first module Beta level Listening & Speaking class in the academic year 2019-2020. Students were assigned two different discussion groups. Afterwards, there was a small in-class party with live guitar music.


General Knowledge Quiz Show

At the end of the academic year 2014-15, we held a ‘Quiz Show’. There were students representing every class and they competed in teams. They were asked questions including grammar, vocabulary and general knowledge in English. All the teams and instructors enjoyed the competition with Alpha 17 taking the lead in the final round.


In-service Trainings

During the summer time, trainers from different publishers gave workshops for the staff of PRU Prep department. Elena Bolel, a learning consultant from Longman Pearson, Jackie Hasstal from Oxford, Chris Sheen from Mcmillan, Semih İrfaner, the senior educational consultant from Macmillan, shared their valuable knowledge and experiences with different fields in ELT.


TOEFL Propell Training

At the beginning of the new academic year, our instructors have been given training by Tulay IMRE, ETS Global Turkey Academic Relations Coordinator, aimed at Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills for TOEFL. As a whole department, we thank Tulay IMRE, for her valuable contributions, and also a special thanks to Pınar OZDEMIR, an instructor at Piri Reis University, for her contributions in organizing the event.

The Theater Show

The Theater Show was held at the end of the academic year 2012-2013. A group of students from each class represented their class as a team with the guidance and support of their instructors. They competed in teams and they all performed very well. As all students and instructors worked cooperatively, that was an enjoyable and productive competition. We all enjoyed a lot so it was a memorable event.

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