English Prep Department

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Preparatory Department of Piri Reis University.

English language proficiency is the keystone of world class education standards in the very competitive and global environment of the 21st century. Our aim is to attain an excellent level of language proficiency, develop academic skills and contribute to the improvement of your critical thinking skills as well as learner autonomy and study skills.

During the year we will do our best to support your learning and to answer all your questions. For effective learning it’s vital that you attend and participate in classes, study regularly and do the assigned projects and work in due course.

I wish you all a very successful academic year.


Head of English Preparatory Department

Piri Reis University English Preparatory Department’s aim is to provide its students with English grammar and skills which will allow them fulfil their academic needs and develop their socio-cultural context in the fast changing, challenging global environment. Our objectives are:

To make our students gain motivation to study and learn
To assist them develop intellectually
To encourage them to become critical thinkers by using high technology in a dynamic, interactive, and student centred learning environment
To provide them with knowledge and skills by using holistic, independent language learning approaches in order for them to become enthusiastic lifelong learners