Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bologna Program Information

PRU Mechanical Engineering department started to provide education in 2013-2014 academic year. Mechanical Engineering has become more popular associated with significant development in information technologies and improvement in computation and simulation techniques in recent years. 

Some mechanical engineers claim that there is only one engineering discipline, that is the mechanical engineering too. Although  this claim is that as it may over the top,  nevertheless it is partly correct. For instance, American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), publishes scientific magazines and articles about many different engineering disciplines from biomechanics to the solar technology field to provide continuning education of its members. Absolutely, maritime, offshore and shipbuilding technologies are some of them. 

Education programme of PRU Mechanical Engineering department is designed the way that supply the necessities and requirements of shipbuilding and offshore industry. When it is considered that the machine has option of generating , handling and transporting the energy and power; it is provided training for the huge floating machinery-VESSELS!!- working under favour of main and auxilliary engines, pumps, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, charging, discharging and inner equipments and fuel systems.Hence, mechanical engineers can work in design, manufacturing, maintenance branches of industry, including shipbuilding industry.

The mechanical engineering teaching plan after the fundamental education at first terms consists of the fundamental machinery design, energy engineering ,mechatronics engineering sub-branches and the students can improve themselves in one of these. These sub-branches have widespread industrial application in Turkey, especially in shipbuilding and offshore industry. 

Energy Engineering is significant one of engineering disciplines. Energy has been important issue in the world since first ages. However ,especially since last century, energy generating and management has become dominant problem associated with increasing the population and improvement of technology. This problem has pushed the humanity in order to start to use new energy resources and improve different energy exploiting methods or systems such as ocean energy, solar energy, wind energy, etc.

Mechatronics is developed in Japan conceptually. Mechatronics comprising of mechanical, electronics, computer and information engineerings increases the quality and production rate, keeps the manufacturing processes under observation, decreases the management cost is engineering branch  For instance, drones, atm's and robotic welding machineries are developed with mechatronics. This interdisciplinary engineering branch is very popular in Turkey and the world, and enables job oppurtunity for mechanical engineers interested in this.

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