Department of Information Systems Engineering

The technologies in the information and communication fields are changing and evolving rapidly. Simultaneously, the utilization and impact of such technologies in everyday activities increase with important consequences. In this context, the skills and competencies of graduates expected by the IT sector are also changing, rendering the standard computer science curriculum ineffective in satisfying such expectations. Our department applies a contemporary and pioneering curriculum which aims to educate and prepare competent human resources that satisfy the requirements of changing and evolving information technologies. The courses designed with such considerations highlight the distinguishing attributes of our department.

Information Systems is an academic and professional discipline which focuses on collection, usage and storage of data with software and hardware components. The distribution, processing and management of information by utilizing up to date information technologies are the main area of interest. As a branch of engineering, it is a profession which incorporates all activities related to the analysis, design, installation, procurement and operational management of information systems.

The vision of the Information Systems Engineering Department of Piri Reis University is to achieve the status of a distinguished institution which graduates highly qualified information system engineers and contributes to the academic research in the field. Our mission is to educate engineers who are capable of developing information systems incorporating the latest information technologies using the most up to date scientific tools, in order to meet the requirements of society in general, satisfying the universal standards.


Our Mission

The mission of our department is to teach our students the current approaches in the basic subjects of Information Systems Engineering and show them in depth information and research ways, provide a strong background in basic engineering and basic sciences, and enable them to work in the fields of interest in human and sociology.

Our Vision


Our vision can be expressed as follows:

  • It is aimed to be accepted as one of the leading institutions with national and international research programs in the discipline of Information Systems Engineering, which provides the highest quality education to its students,
  • Development of research and development potential by establishing research and development laboratory infrastructure,
  • Rapid and continuous development of research, development and educational infrastructure in line with contemporary and technological developments,
  • To be a department that educates qualified information systems engineering graduates and contributes to academic research in this field,
  • To produce projects that will turn the produced knowledge into social and industrial benefit in order to contribute to serve humanity,


Work Opportunities

Information Systems Engineers work in various fields such as Web Design, Database Design and Management, System Architecture, System Analysis and Design, Computer Programming, Computer Network Installation and Management. These fields of work are prominent in the functioning of almost all public and private companies in the national and international arenas. They work in projects as project managers, software engineers, contract specialists, database managers, quality assurance professionals and network administrators. The information systems engineers can advance their academic careers by studying towards higher degrees in various fields of Information Technology such as Computer Engineering, Software Engineering etc. or in related areas such as Business Administration

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