Industrial Engineering

Bologna Program Information

Vision: To train the innovative leaders and managers of Tomorrow by adopting the principles of lifelong learning, who can produce competent and innovative solutions in accordance with the current and future requirements of the sector and society, who can leave national and international influence in related fields and who can lead in these fields.

Mission: Engineers must maintain the safety, health and well-being of people at the highest level while performing their professional duties. To achieve efficient and effective outcomes the mission of the Department of industrial engineering, analytical thinking, Total Quality Management, equipped query that can generate solutions to problems who can build a system that can develop them, and are able to provide continuous optimization, do research, teach, and share the right information to policy-making, communication and management skills high, and at the same time aware of their responsibilities ‘universal thinking, and capable of acting locally’, respected and confident, modern advanced technology for the benefit of the public can follow and use honest, it is to train hardworking and competitive industrial engineers.

Degree Earned:

Students who successfully complete this program are eligible for a bachelor of Science In Industrial Engineering Degree.

Program Description:

In our Industrial Engineering program, our students are trained in Computer Integrated Production, ergonomics, economics, usability, automation based and applied in laboratories. The interdisciplinary approach and also by adopting a control-automation, computer, industry, and economics to develop themselves by taking different courses for students from the fields of Education offers a rich. Thus, it is aimed to educate graduates who can use the new technologies required by the transformed business world in the best way and who can design and develop digital systems.

Job opportunities:

Students who graduate from Industrial Engineering program start their careers in high-tech manufacturing industries such as productivity, job security, banking, insurance, financial sector, telecommunications, energy, tourism, health, food, automotive. Industrial engineering department can be considered a wide range of job opportunities. Generally; innovation and Business Development, Strategic Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Production Planning and Control, R & D, supply chain and logistics management, project planning, management consulting, human factors engineering, data analytics, artificial intelligence and management information systems to add value to companies in the areas of individual skills and group work through it. They provide safe, sustainable and efficient engineering services to current and future management of institutions.


Internship Information:


I. GROUP INTERNSHIP: The first two training periods must be completed for this group internship. The purpose of the internship is to recognize all kinds of physical activities of a company that produces a product or service, to recognize the information systems used in the company, to learn how the information flow is transferred through these systems, to recognize the relations between machine-material-human elements, from the input of the raw material to the production of the production companies. processes, the activities in the processes, and the management and improvement studies of these processes. In the place of internship, a product or service must be produced and at least one engineer must work. With a draft prepared by the department for the student, the information requested will be given to the student in detail.


Prerequisite for the I. Group internship: II. To have taken all the courses until the end of the semester and not to be absent.

Internship subject Duration (working days)

Production Internship (in the Production Departments of Companies). 20 days

II. GROUP INTERNSHIP: The first 4 training periods must be completed for this group internship. This internship, which is also considered a management internship, must be done in a medium or large-scale production or service enterprise, which has an information processing center and where some processes are carried out using information systems. In this group, in addition to their first internship, students are expected to identify a problem in the company related to industrial engineering and create a small-scale project.

II. Prerequisite for group internship: IV. To take all the courses by the end of the semester, not to be absent, and to complete the I. Group internship.

Internship subject Duration (working days)

Management Internship (Business Development, Planning,

Quality, Sub-Industry Management, Sales, IT, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, etc. Management-related Departments). 20 days

III. GROUP INTERNSHIP: The first 6 training periods must be completed for this group internship. Although there is no restriction as a production and management internship, it should be done in a medium-sized or large enterprise that includes units that carry out business functions such as production, planning, and purchasing. An industrial engineer must be working in the enterprise. In this internship, students are expected to identify/uncover a real problem in the company they have done their internship, solve this problem with the data within the company and create a comprehensive project.

III. Prerequisite for group internship: VI. To have taken all the courses until the end of the semester, not to be absent, and II. To complete the group internship.

Internship subject Duration (working days)

Optional (in any Department within the company where Industrial Engineers are employed). 20 days


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