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Money and capital markets play an important role in both directing savings to efficient and productive investment areas and in supporting the pace of economic development. To be able to manage these markets in a competitive and fair manner the need for experts in stated fields continue to rise each day. In an emerging and dynamic economy such as Turkey which has a very high growth potential there is a growing demand for individuals who have the expertise and competency to work in decision making mechanisms and institutions that are enforcing policy decisions.

In 2021, Department of Economics and Finance of Piri Reis University received qualification acceptance from the CFA Institute, which gives the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) license, one of the most respected and prestigious certifications for financial professionals. The condition to be accepted as a “CFA Affiliated University” requires at least 70% of the relevant department’s curriculum to be compatible with the topics covered in the CFA Program Level 1  determined by the CFA Institute including the investment ethics principles. Currently, 716 universities from 76 countries in the world have been accepted to the program by meeting the minimum requirements required by the CFA Institute. There are 14 universities in Turkey that have gained this important privilege.

The strength of Piri Reis University’s curriculum proves that it equips its students with a high level competencies on fields such as investment and finance with a career plan parallel to the financial markets, and also that its students are competent  enough to benefit from CFA scholarship opportunity. Three of our students will be able to benefit from the scholarship opportunity provided by the CFA, and they will be able to easily take the first step towards an internationally valid CFA license, thanks to our curriculum designed at high standards. Consisting of 3 stages, the CFA license is an international certificate that has international validity for positions such as investment analyst, portfolio manager, finance specialist, and has the effect of accelerating steps for high income and career advancement. Currently, there are more than 178.000 people holding CFA licenses in the world, and they work at top level positions at prominent 25.000 companies of the world. At the same time, this certificate is accepted by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), which regulates the capital markets in Turkey

What are the main outcomes that the program aims to have developed for the individual?

  • Show interest in recent financial issues and technological developments
  • Understand the interrelation between business processes the financial industry and the industrial sector, and be able to guide these relations in the future
  • Enlighten people around him/her about financial literacy, and be entrepreneur
  • Sensitive about sustainability, knowledgeable in the field of ESG  (environment, social and corporate governance).
  • To adapt the theoretical knowledge provided in the program to sectoral applications

What are the possible career paths?

  • Wide range of positions in money and capital markets
  • Employment in the banking sector and intermediaries
  • Managerial positions in international and local companies
  • Finance departments of companies in the real sector
  • Public and private research, audit and consultancy  companies
  • Relevant academic departments of the universities.


Prof. Dr. Burhan Can KARAHASAN

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