Chairman, Board of Trustees 

* Time is passing quickly and everything changes rapidly as well. Countries and People witness scientific and technological developments, with a speed that history cannot possibly record. And what’s more, these developments do not have any limits. Economic and social developments along with unbelievable political changes accumulate with tremendous regularity. The worldwide well-known author Stefan Zweig explains these rapid changes and competition; we thought that we were watching the red colours of a new sunrise, but it was actually the distant flames of a closing fire. 

* lt is necessary keep up with the developing technologies and meet the need for the qualified personnel to apply these technologies; i.e. to invest in human resources in parallel with technological developments.

* The geography of Anatolia is a rich one. Civilizations spread out across the world from the Aegean region, west of Anatolia. This region was home to mariners such as Aka Bey, Piri Reis and Barbaros Hayrettin. Nowadays, global developments and competition force rapid change in each and every area of our life. The maritime world is affected the most.

* Our aim, when founding Piri Reis Maritime University (PRMU) as the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, was to regain ownership of our historical background and to strengthen the position of the Turkish Maritime Sector in the world. The main reason for choosing PRMU even in its first year of MET, is this approach. We will and shall provide highly-qualified human resources in 10 years time for every sector of the maritime field.

* PRMU has been established by the Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (f0DEV), with the financial and moral support of 7500 companies registered to the Chamber of Shipping. This is unique: it is the first example of its kind in the world.

* The Turkish Maritime Sector has improved and developed its capabilities for MET, and has added a lot to the sector and to the country both. PRMU is to be a leading example for the world.

* TUDEV was not solely founded to support TUDEV Training Centre and PRMU, but to support the whole MET in Turkey. Our most prominent institution is PRMU. Our Maritime sector is in competition with the world, and MET is just one of the competition areas.

* We have started with a series of European projects to train lecturers with maritime background for the needs of MET in Turkey. PRMU, as a Maritime University; will co-operate with the prominent maritime bodies of the world and foreign shipping companies, and will act as consultants and/or advisors when necessary. The whole maritime world will recognize the qualifications of the graduates of PRMU. All the MET installations and facilities of PRMU, upon moving to our new campus, are being planned in such a way that all the MET institutions in Turkey providing maritime higher education and training, will utilize those in a syntegrated manner and with such a capacity that they will be able to arrange shared degree, master and PhD programs.

* Fair winds for all!